What can laser therapy do for your pets

Laser is being used in many veterinary practices who are seeing amazing results in a range of conditions from wounds, post operative healing and musculoskeletal disorders. As laser is totally non invasive most pets and horses relax into the sessions very qiuckly and many fall asleep while it is taking place!

Laser therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

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Laser can be beneficial for so many conditions including wounds, read our case studies below.



Max underwent a a partial tail ampututation but got infected post operatively. He was on antibiotics, daily dressing changes and in a lot of discomfort. A decision was made for him to have all of his tail ampututated something which his owners where not keen on. Both his vet and owners where keen to try laser, Max had two treatments each consisting of around 2 minutes. After the first treatment the tail was not as inflammed and after the 2nd treatment he was much more comfortable. After 6 weeks his hair was growing back rapidly! Overall happy dog and very happy ownes and vet!

Bryan sustained a severe wound to his hindleg, after several attempts to heal using antibiotics and dressing changes he was referred to us via his owners vet, he was already struggling with the wound and it was clear he was uncomfortable and his owner was becoming more and more frustrated. A treatment plan was devised and he had laser twice a week with dressing changes. He had a total of 12 sessions and the wound healed up beautifully, he has less scar tissue, pain free and most importantly his owner and vet are very happy.

A collection of some of our lovely four legged friends who have benefitted from laser therapy

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