The Emmi-pet is an ultrasound toothbrush does not function like conventional or electric toothbrushes which use mechanical friction. It utilizes the characteristics of cutting edge ultrasound technology which does the cleaning with no brushing required. 

Ultrasound technology has already been used for many decades with success in medicine. Using ultrasound for oral hygiene is absolutely harmless for animals. Ultrasound waves are air waves. The Emmi-pet 100% Ultrasound Toothbrush functions with an output of only 0.2 watt.

The emmi-pet is certified by the specialised department for animal husbandry and animal welfare (FFT) in Austria as an animal protection oriented product. 

Periodontal disease is a progressive condition that if left untreated can have detrimental effects on your pets oral health.

The reasons why we like the emmi pet toothbrush:

  • It combats gingivitis and periodontitis

  • Fights oral cavity diseases

  • Prevents and removes tartar and plaque build up

  • Ideal for elderly dogs that cannot have an anaesthetic

  • Ideal as a preventive treatment for puppies and young dogs who have not yet developed excessive plaque and tartar

  • Cleans gums up to 12 mm deep with gentle ultrasound waves, no brushing necessary

  • Non invasive

  • Completely silent

  • No anaesthetic or sedation is needed

  • Used regularly it is a preventative treatment for teeth and gum disease

As a veterinary nurse I have seen many cases of dental problems which could have been prevented by maintaining a regular and consistent dental protocol.  Our new service will be focussing on the following:

  • Advice and guidance on how to maintain a realistic toothbrushing routine for your pet

  • maintaining your pets oral health using the emmi pet toothbrush

  • Follow up sessions after the initial session

  • Referral to a veterinary surgeon if problems are identified

Having performed many dentals (Scales & Polishes)  under anaesthesia I am experienced in identifying a range of problems that can occur within your pets mouth and have a robust understanding of pet dentition and hygiene. If a problem is idenitifed you will be referred to your veterinary surgeon as there are many conditions that will require a full veterinary workup. As a responsible pet owner it is our duty to ensure the welfare of our pets which includes dental hygiene.


Normal well maintained teeth and gums

Brushing  is not just about removing the tartar from your pets teeth its about assessing the state of your pets gums as well, again as a veterinary nurse I will be able to give your advice and guidance. 


bad teeth.jpg

Poor dental hygiene demonstrating build up of tartar

It will normally be neccesary to repeat the sessions to achieve a realistic outcome 

If your pets teeth have a severe amount of tartar build up it would be advisable to have them scaled and polished by your local veterinary practice BEFORE  starting ultrasonic teeth cleaning. 



Intial appointment  which includes  supply of  your dogs own emmipet tooth head 1st clean £45

Follow up treatments FROM £25

Package of 6 treatments £135

12 week maintenance clean: £30

Payments Cash or Card

10% Discount for multi-pet households


Will the tooth brush cause discomfort to my pet?

The basic anser is No, the brush has been designed to be gentle on the teeth and gums and is quiet and no vibration so making your pet feel calm and relaxed


.When will I see a difference in my pets teeth and gums?

This depends on the amount of tartar build up and the current state of the gums, if there is a moderate amout of tartar several treatments will be required. 


Can I stay with my pet when they are getting their teeth cleaned?

Yes absolutely, as most pets feel more calmer when owners are present


My pets teeth are in a healthy condition would you still recommend the teeth cleaning?

Absolutley the aim of a good dental hygiene protocol is prevention, regular and consistent teeth cleaning is highly recommended to maintain healthy teeth and gums