Our journey began in 2014 when we originally started off as Vet Nurse Direct. We offered a range of pet related services including laser, over the years we built up a loyal client base and enjoyed every moment helping pets and their owners.

However over the years we visited Scotland many times for holidays and in 2018 we made the life changing decision to move to Scotland. We sadly had to say goodbye to all our lovely clients but we felt if we did not move now we never would. So in November 2018 we packed up the furniture Tom and Amber and headed off to Aberdeenshire and now have settled into the rural village of Kennethmont.

Our interest in laser therapy stemmed from Amber needing laser therapy for a soft tissue injury which resulted in her being very lame and uncomfortable, under the advice of our vet he suggested laser as a non invasive treatment. We had never heard of it before but went ahead and booked her in and remarkably she recovered very quickly, it was from that point we where hooked! Our client base grew offering laser and it became more and more apparent that humans would benefit from this wonderful treatment as well. As a consequence of being asked each time when we went to treat a pet for laser therapy the owner would ask “do you offer this to us as well” As a result of this we have decided now to extend our laser therapy to people and have retrained in medical applications of laser therapy and completed a Sports Therapist Diploma.


To ensure we follow strict codes of conduct applying laser therapy we have completed several courses with AIMLA (Americal Institute Medical Laser Applications)

We lost Amber in January this year (2019) and will always dedicate our interest in laser to her.