Lorraine and Paul are a lovely couple who have completed my 6 year old female boxer.
Georgie was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in her knee. She’s been on metacalm and supplements with no improvement.

She has completed her 6 course treatment of laser and has a spring in her step. She is so much happier and enjoying longer walks again
Thank you
Lorraine n Paul

My dog Max had to have an emergency tail amputation which then got infected. Lorraine came out after the op to change the dressing then again at a later date to use laser therapy. The results were amazing after just two sessions max’s tail was healed and hair was regrowing. It was quick and hassel free and I can not emphasise the stress it saved both us and Max. I will def use again if required and recommend to anybody!
We have a Boxer dog aged 6 who was diagnosed with severe Osteoarthritis in back leg.

We contacted Lorraine and asked about laser treatment as an alternative to medication.

We had 6 sessions, and big improvement in our girls physical and mental well-being.

The sessions have made a noticeable difference and she walks more happily and is not as lame as before. Not cured, but more movement and swelling has reduced significantly.

We would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to treat your pet.

Lovely couple and very caring about the pet.

Paul & Lynda

Floyd our 5 year old Labrador X has chronic arthritis and elbow dysplasia and a few months ago his pain got dramatically worse. Floyd very quickly was unable to go on walks at all and all exercise around the house was kept to a bare minimum. Floyd was put on metacam (anti inflammatory and pain relief) and 3 a day of pardale(highest dose-pain relief) by our vet, but was still unable to go on walks. Even though we tried to entertain him with countless mental stimulation exercises, he needed to get his normal routine of off the lead walks in the countryside back.
Lol and Paul have been our saviours in regards to Floyd starting to get his happiness back. After just 3 sessions with laser therapy, Floyd’s intense swelling around one of his elbows has completely gone, he is now able to hold something between his paws when lay down (he stopped doing this when in pain), we have reduced his pardale to two a day and he has come off metacam altogether! We are now at the stage where Floyd is having 10-15 minutes walks on the lead each day!We had come round to the idea of Floyd having surgery and/or being on medication for the rest of his life, but our outlook for the future is bright and the hope is to be completely off any medication. We can’t thank you enough for helping Floyd and also being so accommodating and coming to our house because of Floyds needs. X

Hector our horse had laser therapy for a nasty wound to his leg. Fantastic service from such caring, empathic people. So easy to talk to and superb with our horse. Would highly recommend. Laser was brilliant would highly recommend

Lorraine and Paul started treating my horse charlie in October. He had been in and out of work for 18 months with a tendon injury behind but had also started to experience arthritic change in his shoulder that was causing him discomfort under saddle.
From the first treatment I could see a marked difference, swelling that the vet had said would be permanent had reduced considerably.
He completed his initial course and we were able to start hacking out and getting him fit and for the first time he was remaining sound!!
8 months on charlie is now on maintenance treatment which he receives every six weeks and on Sunday 10/06/2018 I was actually able to go out and compete winning the class, I can honestly say that without Paul and lorraine treating him this wouldn’t have been possible.
2 such lovely people who me and charlie can’t be more grateful to have met, who offer an affordable treatment that actually works.
If anyone is reading this wondering if it will work for their horse please give it a go you will not regret it.
We can not thank Lorraine and Paul enough . Our dog suffered a stroke in September He had laser therapy for a couple of months it worked wonders and he loved it .
Chloe our mature Irish Setter is having laser therapy. We are all very pleased with the results to date.
Paul and Lorraine have been wonderful with Chloe and very reassuring with us.
Their work is very professional and carried out in a relaxed manner
They have made Chloe feel very relaxed. Chloe is a dog that gets very stressed going to a vet practice.
So top marks for Vet Nurse Direct
We can not thank and recommend Vet nurse Direct enough. Lol & Paul came and gave our dog Candi laser therapy. Candi is a10 year old Boston Terrier that has been diagnosed with serious breathing problems and has an ongoing spinal condition. Due to her age it was decided ivasive tests would be in fair on Candi and to manage her pain with medication. On speaking to Lol she explained the benefits of lazer we felt anything was worth a try. Now after 4 sessions Candi is acting like a young dog again she is bearing weight on both her back legs using her pads and her breathing is calm and relaxed. It’s like a miracle has occurred. Lol and Paul have been so caring with Candi. Thank you so much we feel you have giving us more time with Candi :-)

asked Lorraine to come and use her laser therapy on my 5 year old, TB x ID, dressage horse after the dozy sod slipped in him stable and pulled his shoulder. On Sunday 28th he was visibly lame, Lol came on the Monday and did the first treatment and buy the Tuesday he was barely uneven never mind slightly lame. He had his second treatment today, Thursday 1st June, and he is looking great again.
I can’t recommend this treatment enough for any soft tissue issues. It’s a fraction of the cost of the vet and works in a fraction on the time as well.
Michael our 11 year old Affenpinscher started with a foreleg lameness which despite X-rays, anti inflammatory & pain killers did not improve at all.
He was a miserable dog wanting to keep away from his kennel mates in case he got hurt. He has just finished 4 weeks of laser treatment and what a different dog he is, His tail is up & wagging showing that he feels much better.
Although he isn’t 100% sound yet we hope with a continued weekly maintenance treatment that he eventually goes sound!