Feline First Aid Diploma


Feline First Aid Diploma

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This course is designed for the individual who would like to gain more knowledge and understanding of feline first aid. It is designed to equip you with the basics of first aid and for you to complete a series of self-assessment questions. When you have completed the course you will then have to complete a multi choice assessment. Once the assessment has been completed and you are successful you will then be awarded a certificate. The course is ideal for the cat owner or pet care professional.

All of the tasks can be completed online.

·         Identify first aid categories

·         Aims , Rules and imitations of first aid

·         Health Assessment and signs and symptoms of illness

·         Transport an injured cat

·         Arterial bleed

·         Cardiac and respiratory failure

·         Broken limbs

·         Ingestion of harmful substances

·         Ingestion of a foreign body

·         Feline first aid kit