I have just finished the canine first aid course with vet nurse direct and I loved it! Extremely thorough and interesting, and engaging! Would recommend to anyone needing or wanting to do the course. Easy to study and the online quizzes are great

I did the Advanced Canine First Aid course and can’t recommend it enough! I have had dogs all my life and have never really realised how much important information there is to know! I want to get into working with animals and this course is great alongside volunteering. Lorraine was great, so kind and helpful!

Completed canine first aid course. Good material, informative and easy to follow course.

I thoroughly enjoyed both courses finding them challenging and fun and I learnt so much more in the booklet provided then I did in a whole year of college. I think this material was structured really well making it easily understandable and transferable! Will definitely look to profess onto other courses you offer! 

Thank you so much for your quick replay and marking, will defiantly be recommending the courses to my uni friends! 

Just completed and passed my Feline First Aid Diploma. The course was excellent - great course content and Lorraine was a wonderful tutor and really helpful when I got stuck on some of the questions. I would really recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of feline first aid and I now feel confident that I would know what to do in a first aid situation

 i have really enjoyed doing the course because it is bang on what i would like to do as my career. This is the sort of knowledge that you don't even get from a work experience placement. The course was nice and simple to understand which i love and it also was well set out for simple note taking.

Vet Nurse Direct is an excellent service. I recently passed Introduction to veteran nursing level 1. I received help and support when I needed it and there was always someone there for me to talk to. Thank you Lorraine for your support x

I've just completed my canine first aid online course and found it very easy to understand and found the support amazing. They are always quick to respond and always happy to help  thankyou for helping me through this course

I have recently completed the Introduction to Veterinary Nursing course and just wanted to share with everyone how much I enjoyed it. It was really well structured, interesting & thought provoking. I have certainly gained a great deal of knowledge from it. Lorraine has been great, responding almost immediately to my emails & providing invaluable feedback. I can thoroughly recommend this course. Thanks ever so much Lorraine

Have recently completed my second course run by Vet Nurse Direct - Advanced Canine First Aid. The course covers a wide range of situations and is clear and concise, with all the need-to-know information and no waffle. The tasks really help to apply the information and the independent research topics are equally as interesting. Thanks to Lorraine for another enjoyable course, I would definitely sign up to another if I hadn't just started my Veterinary Nursing Course! 5* from me :)

This was a very interesting course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who owns a dog. The course will give you some very good tools to keep in your back pocket just in case you need them one day.

I have just completed a diploma in canine and feline first aid. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very interesting as a pet owner and my general interest I have in animals. I found the feline course a little tougher than the canine but I have learned a lot from it . I would like to thank lorraine for her help and guidance and her prompt response to my emails. I would certainly recommend this course either for a career purpose or just basic knowledge as a pet owner. Thank you �

As cattery owners my husband and I decided to do the Feline First Aid Diploma course offered by Vet Nurse Direct. We were pleasantly surprised by how informative it was, lots of very useful information for anyone who owns or works with cats, from dealing with minor injuries to CPR!
Lorraine was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout, we would definitely recommend Vet Nurse Direct

I have just completed my Feline First Aid course and have thoroughly enjoyed learning and researching medical conditions and techniques. Very quick response for marking and feedback. I am looking forward to completing my Canine First Aid with you.

I have just completed my Feline First Aid Diploma, and soon to start my Canine one! I am so happy I chose to take this course, I have learnt so much, the course is very in depth. Lorraine has been very supportive and quick to respond to my emails! I would highly recommend anyone taking this course if you have an interest in getting a career in animal care, or even just to gain First Aid knowledge so that you know how to look after your furry friend should there be an accident. Overall I am extremely pleased! Many Thanks

Lovely, helpful lady. Came to her for advice on a career change, and she's been wonderful. Just completed the intro to veterinary nursing course. Excellent, fascinating and the most useful course I've done so far. Going to start another with her soon!

I bought the Canine First Aid course from Vet Nurse Direct quite a while ago and I managed to get half way through and then forgot all about it as I have been very busy! I contacted them a couple of weeks ago and asked if they was able to allow me to re-do this course from the beginning and they was very helpful in allowing me to do this! They contacted me back immediately with the course and let me know that if I need any help all I have to do is give them a call or send them a quick email. Lorraine's responses are immediate which is really helpful if you are stuck or need some advice on the course.

I completed this quite quickly and the only reason for this was not being able to take myself away from it as I enjoyed it so much! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has an interest in dogs for a future career or just to gain knowledge for your own dogs! 100% 5*!!!

Great course, highly recommended and excellent value for money! Lorraine is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Fantastic people, and fantastic courses. Always there to help if you need them. I have just completed the feline first aid course, and am looking into doing further courses with them. Brilliant!!!!

"I have just passed my Canine First Aid Course. I found the course easy to follow and the encouragement to research some aspects myself also gave it more interaction that just reading lots of information and answering some questions. The hard copy course itself will provide a useful reference guide for the future too. Lorraine is a very supportive tutor and very quick to provide you with feedback. I will definitely keep an eye on Vet Nurse Direct for any future courses I decide to take. Thanks also for the encouragement with our own Dog Walking/Pet Sitting business too Lorraine."

Lovely review from Nicki Stevens :)

"have just been told I have passed my vet nurse assistant course! i am over the moon and so pleased! Lorraine Hobday is a fantastic tutor always on hand to help

I throughly recommend doing the course"

I've just taken the canine first aid course and I must say it is one of the best courses I've taken in regards to animal first aid. It's well presented and easy to follow (although not easy to do)...but I persevered and I've now passed . The support given is amazing and really helps boost your enthusiasm and makes you believe you can do it. I will now be starting the advanced course an I can not wait

I really enjoyed this course. I work with dogs and own two German Shepherds so felt this course would not only benefit me professionally but also personally. I now have peace of mind knowing I will be able to cope in an emergency. Lorraine was there if I needed her and sends lovely chatty emails Highly recommend Vet Nurse Direct Courses.

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Lorraine Hobday for all your help, advice and prompt replies, I have really enjoyed the course and found this course very interesting,I have two dogs myself and that's why I wanted to do it, plus I've always wanted to work with animals. Now I am going to miss doing the course, I would have to think of what course I'm going to do next with Lorraine.

I wanted to share with everyone I passed my canine first aid a few days ago and I must admit in the past no matter how small or big a situation was i would take my pets to the vet and let them deal with them. I didnt expect to have to use my first aid quite so quickly, But today my daughter and her friends were walking his dog and came home the dog was bleeding from his paw my daughter came in telling me what had happenedi was very brave and didnt run away like i used to but i went to the dog calmed him down he was whimpering i was little nervous as it was a staffy who didnt know me. i looked at his paw found the cut washed it out and found a piece of glass with tweezers i slowly and nervously pulled it out re washed the cut and stopped the bleed he is now ok i feel proud. sorry it is a long post but i feel sharing what i have done lets others know that we do take things away fron the courses Lorraine Hobday provides for us they are worth every second spent on the thank you Lorraine Hobday

Well I have finished my canine first aid diploma course just got to type it up now!! Thank you to my amazing tutor Lorraine Hobday for all your help and support!!

I have just recently enrolled in a feline first aid course to add to my animal qualifications and couldn't be happier! The support from "Lorraine" is brilliant ! The best online course I've done in a long while ! Thanks for all your help so far definitely will recommend and enrol on more in the future

I have just passed both the feline and canine first aid courses with 100%. The courses are easy to follow, informative and interesting to learn. Lorraine is very prompt with replying and marking the tasks and tests. Thanks for giving me confidence in this subject

I've just passed the Vet Nurse Direct Feline First Aid course and could not be happier!

The course covers all the basics when it comes to dangerous situations as well as injury and accidents that cats can find themselves involved with. Learn CPR and signs to look out for in an injured cat. The course also covers the everyday poisons that cats can face at home. It's a must for anyone who lives with cats and wants to do the best they can for them. As someone who has cats and lives in an area where there many, I would highly recommend doing this course. I'm already spreading the word with my friends. Thank you so much Lorraine for putting this together!

Hi 󾌵 just passed my Canine first aid diploma am so happy the knowledge iv learnt on this course is amazing so glad I did it and its great knowing you have Lorraine there if you need her 󾌵 thank you Lorraine x

I have just started my own pet sitting, dog walking and pet taxi business Pawfect Fur You 
I decided to be as well prepared as possible I would do a canine first aid course. 
I asked for the canine first aid diploma course as a Christmas gift from a family member. 
I have just completed it and would like to thank Lorraine Hobday and anyone else who helps towards this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel it has better prepared me for my business. 
It was very interesting and extremely helpful!! 
I now look forward to doing the advance canine first aid course!

It is also a good course to take part in if owning a dog or having family members who own dogs. 
I feel very prepared for a first aid situation, if one were to arise.

Kindest Regards

would highly recommend any courses from Vet Nurse Direct
Lauren at Pawfect Fur You

Very much enjoyed the Feline First Aid Diploma which has helped me in my roles both as Veterinary Nursing Assistant and Welfare Officer for my local Cats Protection branch. Looking forward to trying the Canine First Aid courses and Intro to Veterinary Nursing. Thanks for an interesting course, easy to follow and well thought out tasks to complete.   Joy Shutt

I have completed both the Feline and Canine First Aid Diploma and thought they were great lots of information  Annette Atherton

Really great course (canine first aid diploma), thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really informative! Would deffo recommend   Kerrie Fyn

Really enjoyed doing the Canine First Aid Diploma. The course is really informative and interesting and Lorraine, the tutor and author of the course, is extremely quick at responding to emails and giving feedback for completed work. Highly recommend this course. Hoping to do more courses with Vet Nurse Direct in the coming months. Andy Cooper

I have just completed the Intro to Vet Nursing course. My dream is to be a VN and this course has given me valuable insight into Vet nursing. It was incredibly detailed and educational and the support from Lorraine was superb. I am now going on to complete my Canine and Feline First Aid courses. Highly recommend any courses via Vet Nurse Direct. Thank you xx

Myself and a friend have completed the intro to veterinary nursing course and loved it so much we've ordered canine and feline first aid! Lorraine the tutor is always on hand to help with any questions and the course is very in depth and will help immensely when we start out full VN training. Thanks so much vet nurse direct!!  Jenn MIller

Thanks so much Lorraine for helping myself and my friend complete the intro to vet nursing course which we learned lots from and gave us the basics before we go on to hopefully train as vet nurses. Now we are about to study both the feline first aid and advanced canine first aid! Thanks for all your help and always being available to help and answer any questions. Thanks for all your support!!  Jo Dace

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have been volunteering one morning a week in a veterinary practice since May and wanted to build up some background knowledge. I thought the course itself was very interesting and the quick marking of the tasks was very professional. I will be saving up to do more courses with vet nurse direct!   (Catherine Muir)

I have just completed the Canine First Aid Diploma course. It was interesting and Lorraine was very helpful. I would recommend to others!  (Jodie)

***** (5) I have just completed a canine first aid diploma with vet nurse direct and found the support and insight into canine care brilliant as im a professional dog walker i know have the knowledge to assist a dog in my care if needed at any point.thanks vet nurse direct x  (Wendy)

Canine First Aid Diploma5 *****  

I have just completed my course and I must say that even after working with animals for many years and owning a dog all my life I found the course full of information that I had no idea about. Thank you for such an informative journey. Corinne

Introduction to Veterinary Nursing course (Georgina)   I am really enjoying the course it's showing me that I definitely want to pursue in this career, I am really loving it!

I am a student that has recently graduated from college, have done a course in animal care for two years. One thing I can say is that I learnt more from doing this online course within a week then I done being at college for two years!! I brought this course on a whim as I am now back at college doing a university course and we hadn't been learning much (what a surprise!). This course is absolutely brilliant for anyone of any age can do and is extremely helpful if your pet was to ever get in an unfortunate situation. The staff were so helpful and and caring when helping you, and the value for money is great. Much rather pay £45 then pay £7500 for the college course I am on now! :) (Megan)

Having completed the canine first aid, I highly recommend to all dog owners as it's very informative and worth every penny especially if you are unfortunate enough to need to put into action. (Laura)

Martina Kalkouova 5 star:  I have really enjoy the Canine First Aid diploma, it is very well explained and very enjoyable. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and start with the Advanced Canine First aid. Thank you Lorraine for the assistance and speedy responses!

Denise Hedley 5 Star: can recommend the course, it was interesting as I have 4 cats myself, some of the terminology was totally new to me but I feel prepared now in case of an emergency. It was good to have a new challenge and Lorraine is very quick at responding to any queries

Kelly-Jane Wadley  5 star  Really enjoyed introduction to veterinary nursing. I have learnt so much. Lorraine is so helpful

Highly Recommend

Having completed the canine first aid, I highly recommend to all dog owners as it's very informative and worth every penny especially if you are unfortunate enough to need to put into action. (Laura)

Elisabeth Robson - Loved the canine first aid course ive just done (and passed), the support and encouragement from Lorraine was amazing! Very informative & useful for sure. Would recommend it to anyone! x

Claire Watson  5 starI would recommend any of Lorraine's vet courses, excellent information, and helps you understand different medical issues and first aid for your pets

Donna Abrey  5 starI 've just completed the feline first aid course. Lorraine was fantastic. Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

Glyn Williams  5 star would recommend the Feline First Aid course that Lorraine runs for any cat owner. This course is very educational and interesting. It provides detailed information and assignments, to enable the owner to have a good working knowledge of first aid, so that in the event of an emergency, the best possible first responder care can be given to your cat. After all the assignments are completed, there is a final exam to see how much you have learnt. Excellent :D

Sarah Harris  5 Star Just completed the feline first aid course. Very informative, well presented and will prove very useful within my rescue..

Karen Fisher – 5 star Fantastic delivery of canine & feline first aid course. A must for anybody in the pet industry.

Maureen D'Arcy – 5 star Just had to contact Lorraine for some advice. Excellent quick response and all the information I needed. Many thanks

Kimberley Hughes – 5 star Completed the first aid course today and learnt a lot, would definitely recommend it!!

Avril Boyter – 5 star Studied my canine first aid diploma with vet nurse and it was excellent. Very informant and definitely a must for people working with dogs.

Jen Mcculloch – 5 starI  completed the first aid course and I loved it. I learnt so much from it and loved the tasks that were in the course. I will be telling everyone about it! Thank you Lorraine! :) 

Charlotte Baillie – 5 star Fantastic First aid course (canine) learnt a lot from this. Recommended to anyone wanting to achieve their first aid cert.

Julie ODowd - I enjoyed the course.  I've two dogs myself so I found the course very helpful.  I would be confident to help my dogs if something were to happen.  Even knowing were to take the pulse and the part about cpr I found very interesting.  I feel every dog owner would benefit from basic first aid knowledge,  I have certainly learned alot from the course.   Anyone with an interest in dogs would really enjoy and benefit from the course.

Gillian Clare – 5 star Had a fantastic informative day on Sunday at wags in Lymm. Karen hosted a one day course for canine and feline first aid. Wasn't sure what to expect but lol and Paul put me at ease and demonstrated some life saving techniques. Came away feeling much more confident...if you get the opportunity to go on this course.go..Thanks lol and Paul..see you soon 

Kelly Appleton – 5 star I have just completed the Intermediate Canine First Aid course thanks to Lorraine, always on the end of the phone offering great support and guidance. I couldn't recommend their services any more! 

Karen Kenney – 5 star Great website, lots of info! 

Paula Ogston – 5 star Would recommend Lorraine,Paul they did a great job doing my dogs nails today.. 

A fantastic friendly service. Brilliant advice given on a variety of brands for the same product. Fast next day delivery service. I would totally recommend. Jane  (13th June, Tylesley)