This is a short course designed to assist the pet owner or pet care professional to develop their skills and knowledge in the oral hygiene of the dog and cat. The course will explore the basics of tooth anatomy and how to determine what is a healthy and unhealthy mouth. The course will look at the benefits of regular oral hygiene and the problems associated with periodontal disease. Ideal for anybody who wishes to learn more about the oral welfare of their pet or for the pet care professional who wishes to develop further skills in this area.

The course will cover the following elements:

The Basics

The Healthy Mouth

Teeth Positioning

Examining the mouth of the dog and cat

Teeth Brushing - The benefits

Products available for teeth brushing

Chemical anti plaque agents

Periodontal disease

Common oral problems

Veterinary scale and polish


Assessment of the course will be a case study and multi choice assessment

Upon completion of the course a certificate will be awarded.