Mobile Veterinary Nursing Service

As a veterinary nurse I often get asked lots of questions regarding your pets welfare. Therefore I am able to offer advice and guidance on  a range of pet related subjects. however I am not a vet so cannot enter into a diagnosis. If your pet is injured or suffering from a chronic or acute illness you are advised to seek the services of a veterinary surgeon.


Laser Therapy

We are now offering laser therapy in the comfort of your own home. Laser is ideal for a range of conditions and is non invasive and drug free

PRICE: Varies due to each animal regarding specific treatment protocols please get in touch for further details


Teeth cleaning using the revolutionary emmi pet ultrasonic toothbrush. 


1st Consult includes  first teeth clean, own pet tooth head £45

Further treatments £25

package of 6 treatments £135

10% Discount for multi pet households 




By law you are required to have your dog microchipped, if your pet suffers from anxiety going to the vet I can visit your home and chip your dog safely and calmly.  Apart from dogs I can also microchip cats.

PRICE: £15.00 but discounts apply for multi pet households and litters.


Nail Trimming

Most dogs and cats do not like having their nails trimmed and can become anxious and would rather prefer to have their nails trimmed at home. 

PRICE: £20 Dogs   £15 Cats