What can Laser therapy offer

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy accelerates your body’s own natural healing process through photo-bio-stimulation. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions and post surgical pain

How long do sessions last?

Most sessions only take minutes but this can vary due to the condition being treated and how many areas that need treating.

What conditions can laser therapy treat?

Laser can treat a wide spectrum of conditions including:

Tension Headaches - Temoromandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) - Bells Palsy - Migraine Headaches

Sinusitis - Cervical Disc Herniation - Cervical Stenosis - Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Sprain/Strain & Neuritis

Costochondritis - Arthritis - Ankylosing Spondylitis - Fibromyalgia Syndrome - Wounds - Tendonditis

Will I just need one session of laser?

This will depend on the condition being treated and how well you respond. If we are treating a chronic condition we do advise to book for a package of 6 treatments in order achieve maximum benefits of laser.

What happends when I book in for a treatment?

Your therapist will ask you a series of questions about your medical condition and discuss with you if you are on any medications and go through a very detailed history of your pain management, before laser therapy is started you will be asked to sign a consent form. When your therapist has all the necessary information and signed consent form they will discuss with you the treatment protocols of your individual condition and be happy to answer any questions.