laser therapists



Paul has had a varied career ranging from teaching, assessing, working with rare breeds, health and safety, first aid and environmental roles. He has always had a affinity with animals and enjoys all aspects of dealing with them especially horses. He is extremely interested in laser therapy and has completed a range of courses with AIMLA (American Institute of Medical Laser Applications) and Companion Animal Health Class IV lasers and is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to offer both veterinary and medical laser therapy. He has recently completed a Sports Therapy Diploma, to enable him to expand on his knowledge and expertise.



Lorraine is a registered Veterinary Nurse and Lecturer She has taught both Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing. Alongside her teaching career she was also a columnist for a well respected veterinary journal. Her teaching expertise also promted her to write short courses for the pet owner and pet care professional. She has also recently recently completed a Diploma course in Animal Physiotherapy.

Like Paul she has gained enthusiasm for laser therapy and as such has also completed a range of AIMLA laser therapy training courses and trained with Companion Animal Health Class IV laser. Lorraine has recently completed a Sports Therapy Diploma.