Feline First Aid Diploma

This course is ideal for the cat owner or pet care professional to develop their knowledge and understanding of first aid. It can also be used as a CPD enhancement.

The course will focus on key first aid conditions and include a set of self assessment tasks to be completed using the course materials and finally a multi choice assessment at the end of the course to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The course tasks can be taken:

  • Online
  • Via email
  • Post 

after successful completion a certificate will be awarded.

The course includes:

  • Identify first aid categories
  • Aims , rules and imitations of first aid
  • Health Assessment and signs and symptoms of illness
  • Transport an injured cat
  • Arterial bleed
  • Cardiac and respiratory failure
  • Broken limbs
  • Ingestion of harmful substances
  • Ingestion of a foreign body
  • Contents of a first aid kit


Feline First Aid Diploma
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"I've just passed the Vet Nurse Direct Feline First Aid course and could not be happier!

The course covers all the basics when it comes to dangerous situations as well as injury and accidents that cats can find themselves involved with. Learn CPR and signs to look out for in an injured cat. The course also covers the everyday poisons that cats can face at home. It's a must for anyone who lives with cats and wants to do the best they can for them. As someone who has cats and lives in an area where there many, I would highly recommend doing this course. I'm already spreading the word with my friends. Thank you so much Lorraine for putting this together!"