Highly recommend Lorraine, so friendly and explained the procedure thoroughly. Alfie’s teeth were awful and because of his age we didn’t want him to have anaesthetic at the vets to have them scaled once again!! Alfie’s teeth were far better, after Lorraine did them, compared to what the vet did last time. Cannot wait to see the results next time she comes. X

Lorraine is very good would highly recommend her. We are having our dogs teeth treated and after the 1st week we could see a huge difference and this week is even better and Thyare really good with our dogs and lots of patience and friendly you feel at ease straight away.

Thank you for your visit today Lorraine . Your first meeting to two lively spaniels was lovely . Such a gentle approach . If I am honest I was apprehensive about Bonnie but your calm attitude to her really relaxed her . Bons back teeth are my problem as it makes gag when I try to reach them with her toothbrush . Lorraine worked her magic and Bonnie let her clean every single tooth .Teddie was a little more restless to begin with as she was fed up waiting for her turn 😂 But the result on both of them are pearly white teeth . No noise or vibration just a yummy taste . 
Thanks again Vet Nurse Direct . Looking forward to your next visit in October . Liz Dave Bons and Teds .