Our new Canine Health and Welfare course is designed for the dog owner or pet care professional. It covers a range of subjects which will enhance the welfare of the dog and also equip the owner or pet care professional with knowledge and understanding of canine welfare.

There is a selection of self assessment tasks throughout which the learner is encouraged to self evaluate followed by a multi choice assessment. 

The following modules are covered:

1.      The Five Freedoms/Needs

2.      Dog Law and Regulations

3.       Choosing a Dog

4.      Duty of care as a dog owner

5.       Neutering

6.       Dental Hygiene

7.       Vaccinations

8.       Microchipping

9.      Health and Wellbeing of the Dog

10.   Diet

11.   Transporting Dogs

12.   Grooming

13.   Breeding

14.   The Elderly Dog

15.   Euthanasia

16.   Insurance