As you all know we have been offering our Emmipet K9 teeth cleaning since May. Happy to report it has been very successful. We have been able to utilise the wonderful technology which surrounds the unique design of this brush, it is non invasive, silent and motionless therefore allowing the dog to relax into the session. It looks very much like our own sonicare toothbrush!! and when we show our clients the brush they are shocked to discover how quiet it is and even more suprised to learn that there is no vibration.


The brush is technically a toothbrush and works via ultrasound, so no damage to the enamel of the teeth, just gentle cleaning and it also encouages maintenance of healthy gums.

Since our launch we have been able to adivse and guide owners on the maintenance of their dogs oral health. This can only be achieved by looking at the following:

Regular teeth brushing - Using a suitable brush and PET toothpaste

Regular inspection of the teeth and gums

Suitable diet

Regular visits to the vet, to ensure there are no loose teeth, abscesses and so on

Understanding your dogs dental requirements

We also advocate having maintenance sessions with the Emmipet toothbrush for your dog  to ensure that their teeth remain healthy.  If we observe that your dogs teeth need the services of a vet, we advise you to book an appointment and discuss the way forward, and once the issue has been resolved then we will look at a Emmipet routine.

Well as they say onwards and upwards, happy dogs equals happy clients :) looking forward to seeing many more dogs and most importantly getting those teeth and gums healthy!!

Due to my interest in K9 oral care I completed an Oral Health Care course recently which has enabled me to gain more insight into the health and wellbeing of your dogs mouth :)  it was a fascinating  course and I was able to gain so much from it, very challenging!!




We have had our amazing machine now for a year and it has to be said we have had fantastic results with it, we have met so many wonderful clients who have seen the benefits from using laser. We are also gaining clients from the equestrian world as well, which has been brilliant.  

We enjoy using our laser and regularly work alongside vets to ensure we are able to offer a first class service to their clients.

Our machine has the latest technology and uses advanced software so that we are able to treat a vast majority of conditions.