Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

We humans visit the dentist every 6 months or at least we should do! But how often do we take our 4 legged friends to have their teeth checked? every 3 months? every 12 months? every 2 years? or never!  Good dental hygiene for your dog/cat or small furries are essential, not only can you prevent:

  • Calculus (Tartar)

  • Halitois (Bad breath)

  • Peridontal Disease (Bacterial infection of the gums and bone)

  • Gingivitis (Inflammation of the gums)

But you are also preventing further problems relating to the internal organs so it makes sense to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

When you check your pets teeth are you aware of what you are looking for?  In most cases many pet owners do not know exactly what they should be checking, when you think of it an adult dog has 42 teeth! so there is a lot to check!

So what should you be looking for, ask yourself these questions:

  • 1.  Is my pet eating and drinking ok?
  • 2. Is my pet rubbing and pawing at their mouth?
  • 3. When they eat their food do they have problems chewing or swallowing?
  • 4. Do they have really bad breath?
  • 5.  Is there a lot of tartar on their teeth?
  • 6. Is there any bleeding from the mouth/gums?
  • 7. Do they have any loose teeth?
  • 8. Do they have gingivitis? (Red area by the gum line)

Healthy teeth and gums do exactly what it says on the tin - They are healthy!

So what does healthy look like?

Example healthy teeth and gums:


Example of poor teeth and gums:

bad teeth.jpg

Pets have the same anatomy of a tooth just like us, and they can feel pain and discomfort due to poor hygiene, if you have ever had a tooth abscess I challenge you to tell me that it was not painful!!!

If the pulp of the tooth is exposed there are a lot of nerves in there and that is extremely painful!  


Canine Incisor Tooth


Human Tooth

Many pets as they age their teeth become a bit worse for wear well after all those jaws have chomped down on many a treat!!  Although the aging process will show evidence as we all age, it is more  and more essential we lookafter our pets teeth as they are living longer (whey hey!) and diets are becoming much more advanced. So it makes sense to look after their teeth.

We now offer ultrasonic teeth cleaning as we feel it will benefit so many pets and it gives us a chance to go through the correct protocols that need to be in place also giving you the chance to ask lots of questions, its not everyday you can have your very own Veterinary Nurse sit down with you and have a cup of tea (hint hint!)  to discuss your pets oral health.

If you would like to book your pet in for a ultrasonic teeth clean let us know and we will book you in.