Bryans wound

Bryans mum Debbie got in touch with us in November 2017 about her beloved Doberman cross "Bryan". He had sustained a really nasty wound to his right hindlimb and after numerous dressing changes she enquired would laser help with the wound.  After a indepth discussion and referral from her vet, we all agreed that laser would certainly benefit Bryan immensely.  

We begain lasering and regular dressing changes from the 6th November 2017.


Wound before we started laser therapy 

IMG_0674 (1).JPG

Wound on the 29th November 


Wound on the 16th December 


Wound on the 12th January 


Wound on the 2nd February


Wound on the 9th February

Bryan has been absolutely brilliant all the way through, he has been so brave and allowed us to change his dressings twice a week and apply laser, he has never complained, his owner Debs and Andrew have been model owners made sure all his dressings where ready for us when we got there and have supported Bryan at every stage and Debs talant at being a brilliant photographer!!! Between us, Deb and vet Mel, we all have ensured we have done the very best for Bryan and although he will be getting discharged soon, we can look back at his journey and feel proud that we have played a prominent part in his recovery.  Without the likes of Deb and Andrew, Bryan may not have been a chance to recover, the bond between an owner and dog is unconditional and it is only when you meet Debs and Andrew you realise how privileged you have been to have been able to help them.  


Bryan with his little comfort buddy