Relocation to Scotland (Kennethmont, Huntly)

Well its certainly been an interesting year, having helped so many animals with our laser therapy and achieving great results, it is great to see how they have all done well. Alongside our laser we have also seen great results with our emmipet teeth cleaning service as well, goes to show what a good product it is however it is not a replacement for a professional scale and polish at the vets.

Sadly all things come to an end and Paul and I decided to take the plunge and relocate to Scotland, it was a hard decision as we had built up a brilliant reputation in and around the Lancashire areas and have made some wonderful friends on our journey, Everyone has been so supportive and valued our services so having to let go was extremely hard. We where blown away by all the presents we recieved and cards, so much so that we did not really appreciate how much we where thought of!! We will always treasure the times we have had with our “special friends” and look forward to keeping up to date with everybody.

When we put our house up for sale we had no idea that it would sell so quickly and to have to exchange and complete within a 30 day turnround!!! It is only now we can sit back and reflect on it all and hard to believe we have actually done it!!

We are looking forward to start a new chapter in Scotland even though its daunting! but we have comfort knowing we have done this before and fingers crossed we will meet folks who are as lovely as the ones we have had to say goodbye to. We will never forget our friends in Lancashire both 2 and 4 legged!! and it will be fun to keep you all up to date with our adventures in Scotland.