This course would be ideal for the individual who has completed our Canine First Aid course or for students who are looking for a more challenging option in Canine First Aid.

The following subjects are covered in this course:

 1.      Aims and Limitations of first aid

 2.      Signs and symptoms of illness

 3.      Arterial bleed

 4.      Shock and Collapse

 5.      Insect Stings

 6.      Burns and Scalds

 7.      Bites and Puncture Wounds

 8.      Lameness, Strains and Sprains

 9.      Cardiac and respiratory failure

 10.   Broken limbs

 11.      Ingestion of harmful substances

 12.   Ingestion of a foreign body

 13.   Canine first aid kit

 14.    Gastric Torsion

 15.   Hyperthermia

Advanced Canine First Aid
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"Just finished Advanced Canine First Aid course I found it challenging and interesting and Lorraine 's support and guidance really helped. Thanks so much!"